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Jun 3, 2024

Today’s episode is part of a special series were doing to focus on the cutting-edge fluid power technologies and customer solutions on display at the 2024 iVT EXPO.


iVT EXPO is an annual exposition for the off high vehicle design and engineering community, with exhibits that are highly focused on a number of key technologies, including new powertrains, electric and hybrid systems, control systems, sensors, and autonomous technologies. Hydraulics serve as a key enabling technology for these vehicles and many of these systems, iVT EXPO offers an ideal platform for growth and expansion of hydraulics, both in its affiliated education program and on its show floor. 


Today, our guests are Bob Pettit, Director of Knowledge Development and Chase Younker, Electronics Product Manager, both at HAWE Hydraulik. HAWE is a manufacturer of hydraulic power units, pumps, valves and cylinders. We’ve invited these guests into our forum to learn about the applications that HAWE will be showcasing at their exhibit at iVT EXPO.


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